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Sea Anchor For Drift Fishing

A parachute sea anchor is a great tool to use while drift fishing.  It acts to slow your drift against the current and keep you in the desired depth, area, and zone for as long as possible.

A sea anchor can also turn the boat properly so that all lines can be fished off one side of the boat in a clean fashion.  We recommend you also turn your engine or rudders to tune your drift even further.

Whether you’re are drifting live bait or fishing a kite, a drift anchor will keep you in the desired area for much longer than drifting without,

There are many types of drift anchors or drift socks available.  They range in size and are usually based on the size of your boat.  Professional tournament fisherman usually do not consider a drift sock effective enough to slow down their drift.  They prefer parachute type sea anchors that were first developed for safety purposes; to slow down a vessel that has lost an engine.

Whether your use a drift sock or parachute sea anchor you can be sure you will slow down your drift and possibly improve your days fishing.

Buyer Beware:  Make sure you know what you're buying. Some salespeople or stores may try to pass off an aerial surplus parachute as a brand new, manufactured sea anchor. These parachutes are designed for airplanes, not boats.