U-Tube Para Anchor video December 18, 2007
Setting out the Fiorentino sea anchor for night fishing. We find it easier to deploy the sea anchor from the stern and then turn the boat with bow pointing at the chute and pulling straight. A trip line is a must and gets deployed with it with a gill net light attached at that end. Two XL orange buoys attached by a short rope float the front end of the chute from the top. We use a shorter rode than recommended for fear of traveling boat driving over the rope. We had a few close ones as it was in the middle of the night. We purchased this sea anchor for the sole purpose of night time fishing and keeping the bow into the swell and letting us get a good night's sleep riding the swells. This brand is the best we found......great quality nylon in the parachute and extra heavy duty hardware. We wash it with clean water after every usage.